Quiet Paddles

I seem to recall seeing an ad for silent paddles.Does this sound familiar to anyone?


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as apposed to that Noisy MOTERIZED paddle? Ok its opposed for you ENGLISH teachers.. Cheese & Rice!! Some people wouldnt get a Joke if it bit them in the @ss

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Paddle noise
Greenland paddles are well-known for being very quiet (even silent on the entry), if handled well.

I don’t remember seeing any ads for silent paddles, but in my experience, narrower and somewhat rounded blades with not too sharp an asymmetry are quietest.

Greenland paddles
"Greenland paddles are well-known for being very quiet (even silent on the entry), if handled well."

If handled well AND made certain ways. In adition to technique, edge thickness and end shape matters. Mine is very quiet (I have bumped into large fish and Manatee while paddling normally), but I’ve also tried a few GPs that were real kerplunkers no matter what I did.

GPs sounds give great feedback about your technique - and the better you get - the quiter they are.

Edge fringes—
Thanks for the input.As I recall the paddles that I have in mind had a fringe on the edges and were used by photographers.The fringe was about 1/4 or 1/2 in length.

There are strokes…
… that let you paddle silently with any paddle - just not fast. Good for close in manuvering though.

Look for a smooth back face.
The foam core Epics and Werner Kaliste have a very quiet entry.

I canoe and like the quiet of a good paddle as well as a smooth entry. That is why I bought this http://www.epicpaddles.com/products/paddles/touring/relaxed.htm

—as well as—

Yeah I left that one in. to see if anybody would catch it!! Yeah Thats my story and I am sticking to it!!

quiet paddles
Stealth paddle, made by Skunkworks somewhere called Area 51, I think.

You mean it’s a FEATHERED paddle?

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Stealth paddle
Yep, I had one come right over my head the other night. It made two 90 degree turns and a bow rudder without slowing. It disapeared in the distance in two seconds all without making a sound…

They are out there…

Hesitate for a spit second and let your paddle slip out of the water. If your making noise that means you’re lifting your paddle out of the water. By hesitating you’ll give yourself a slight rest with each stroke. That’ll enable to paddle for longer periods. It’s the same principle as using a lock step while hiking uphill.

I was going to say use a gag before you start to paddle her.

Real stealth canoe paddles
Nothing new here, stealth paddles were invented 10,000 years ago and are still being used. Subsistence hunters and fishermen in the Amazon and southeast Pacific waterways use a long, pointed paddle for quiet entries and minimal dripping. When your family’s supper depends on it, it doesn’t take long to learn what works.