Quiet water Washington NH area...

Have paddled lots of lakes and ponds around the area, but willing to take some good suggestions to anything within 30-50 miles of Washington. Heading up in a couple days and considering McDaniels Marsh, Hubbard Pond, Turkey Ponds, possibly Nubanusit into Spoonwood if the portage isn’t to long or tough to do(my friend won’t do either of those) Love wildlife paddles, and nothing too long unless we can get out and stretch somewhere along the way. Don’t mind lakes or ponds with cottages but like remote stuff that has little to no motor boat activity. Appreciate all suggestions.

Nubanusit into Spoonwood

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The portage isn't that long amd is a well beaten path. This is a wonderful paddle and well worth doing. Hug the shore when you get to the portage point as they keep it subtle. Of the one's you listed it is the only one I've paddled, but it won't disappoint as it meets all of the requirements of what you listed for paddles you enjoy.

Hubbard Pond
I paddle Hubbard almost every night,nice paddle,not to many people even on weekends. Not that big though unless you poke back into the backwaters. I paddle it most of the time in a race boat for a work out so I stay in the main basin, however I have been know to paddle and poke around in one of my W/C canoes and have seen a array of wildlife. Beware of the road to the put in, it can be done without 4WD but be carefull especially after a downpour.

Have you tried the paddling in Pillsbury State Park in Washington, a number of small remote ponds there.