QuietWater near Lancaster, PA?

Hello All-

I have to travel on business to Lancaster for a couple of weeks and I’m wondering if it would be worth it to put the WildFire on top for a little paddling- Lakes, Ponds, & slow moving swampy rivers are my favs.

Thanks in advance-


Ok,here’s …

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some quiet waters. Speedwell forge lake north of Lititz,Muddy run park,south of Lancaster,Lake Redman south of York. The Susquehanna south of Columbia is dammed backwaters,deep & wide with other dams to MD. line. You talkin this weekend the 10th?. I am on call,would love to show you around,but tied to work by phone,sorry. E-mail for details,and directions.Some areas require boat permits,or registration from our state or yours to paddle.Will explain if you contact. Sorry I don't make the rules,but that's PA. I have a Bell Yellowstone solo,and like the same waters.

Happy Paddling billinpa

BMO Day Trip
BMO runs shuttles from Marysville PA (aprox 40 minutes from Lancaster) to Duncannon for a pleasant 8.5 mile run down the Susquehanna. Its a big river but its cool to get back in the island chains.


Bring the boat!

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I spent Memorial Day weekend across the river near York. I brought the boat and was very glad I did. I posted a brief (for me) TR to http://www.cpakayaker.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1482 . The short version is that it is an enjoyable area to paddle.

I didn't know about any registration requirements and managed to not get busted. Beginner's luck, or maybe the expired Maryland registration numbers on the bow of the Tripper saved me.


Wow Guys! Lots to do down there-
I guess I’ll have to go to corporate more often!