Quik-n-easy rack brackets. Lockable

Need to mount my spring creek cross bars to my new vehicle. Only option for brackets are the NRS Quik-n-easy rack brackets. Problem I see is there does not appear to be a way to lock or defer theft. Anyone modified the clamps some how to make them more secure.


My old, genuine Quick ‘n’ Easy
clamps had no provision for locking, and I have never seen any. You may have to improvise.

Actually, taking my Yakima racks as an example, the locking system is weak and easily defeated.

Quik n easy rack "lock"
Yeah, I’m looking for just a deterrent . . . Could the clamp lever be drilled to except a small cable or the like to “lock” I in the down position?


I remember seeing
a setup where the owner used shackle locks that were sized to pass behind the eyebolt and the lock body was against the cam lever.

One other option, only a deterrent though, would be to replace the lever and barrel not with a fabricated washer the same size as the barrel nut but not threaded and tighten the clamp with a nylock nut.


Here be a daguerreotype of a Q&E tower. Yer might be able ta make a lockable clamp dat fit around de tower an’ over de lever.



Pad Locks
If you get the right size pad lock you can pass it behind the connecting rod and in front of the lever. This will prevent the lever from being lifted up enough to release it.

I have used the technique for years.


Yup! An’ maybe
change dat slotted screw so dem’s kin not just remove de screw, an’ pull de whole thing off.


Good ideas
God ideas one and all… Have use Yakima racks for years and like there diversity but their fasteners don’ t hold up well to the elements . By far my favorite rack is my spring creek truck rack. I want to put the same spring creek system on my old land rover defender roof with the quik N easy. Not too many scoflaws up here in the northwoods but my boats ride on Top in many cities on way to fund paddling adventures.


Quick n easy brackets
U bolts around the lever and through the bracket will better secure the Quick n Easy brackets. Don’t remember the size but just take to any hardware store to fit the bolt to the bracket.