Quinebaug River canoe trail

-- Last Updated: May-27-04 11:35 PM EST --

Anyone canoed this CT trail? How long does it take? Nice water?


Quinebaug trail
Paddled it a number of times!

It’s actually in Massachusetts. You can start at either end & do a round trip, because the current isn’t very strong. The trail goes from Holland Pond in Holland, MA to East Brimfield Lake in Sturbridge.

It’s mostly slow, swampy areas, very pretty, especially in the fall. At low water, there’s a portage at the top of East Brimfield Lake around a falls (Actually, I’ve run the falls in both a ww kayak and my canoe), and an old beaver dam about halfway that can hang you up going upstream (At least it was still there last spring).

A very nice flatwater paddle!


Thanks wayne, and you’re right, it is in MA.