Quyon River, Quebec

Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has any info on whether this river north of Route 148 in Quyon is navigable in an open boat? Any bits and pieces I am finding on line suggest there is a drop near Route 148 that is not, but I am looking at the 10-15 miles north of there. Has anyone gone through this route before?


Try myccr.com
It has a focus on paddling routes in Canada. The route you’re considering may be listed already, of if not, someone may know why not.

You may also be able to check it out on Google Earth, if the satellite photography for the route happens to be their best quality. If so, you can often see rapids, wave trains, probable portages, possible campsites, etc. You can name a town close to the river and GE will zoom right in. Also note that in the “File” pull-down of Google Earth, there is a Save Image function. If you have a photo editor, you can crop or link the images, and often you can get a clearer image with basic editing manipulation.