Race to Alaska on a SUP

Wow, Shane Perrin has signed up for the Race to Alaska. On a custom 19-foot SUP. The full race, Port Townsend to Ketchikan. http://racetoalaska.com/about/

I followed him when he did the EC 2013 and like so many others, pitched in to get him back up and paddling when all his gear was stolen. A truly amazing guy.

This Is Too Big A Bite For Me To Chew
I’ll pass. Might help, if there is a way to put a sail on the board when there’s favorable wind? 750 miles is a long way to stand up and race against sails. An outrigger with a sail would be more competetive against the sailboats?

Thanks for the info on this race, which, until now, I didn’t know existed.

SUP sail? Maybe, maybe not.

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Shane is one of a kind. Even after having his gear stolen and being forced to take time off to resupply in the EC 2013, he still finished ahead of boats with sails (including a Hobie). The epitome of dedication, determination and perseverance. After finishing the EC, he paddled another 100 miles down to Key West.

A few WaterTribers have also entered - have marked my calendar for June 4 and just hope the Spot tracking works because it's going to be a fascinating event to follow.