Racing discussion category?

I’m wondering if there’s much interest in a Racing Discussion Group category. It could be included in the “Advice, Suggestions and General Help” Forum, although it could also be a separate Forum. My guess is it would receive a wider readership under “Advice”. What I have in mind is discussion of anything pertaining to canoe and kayak racing.


I’d say
to go ahead and use the forum’s that are already here. If it gets to be too much racing, then think about a different forum.

I would be for…
a separate forum.

racing category
fwcruiser is talking about a new category for racing in the current forum, not a new forum …

That would be good!


I like it
Although alot of people say they hatecompetition they would still learn alot from racers. AND not just strokes and techniques.

I don’t know if I could contribute anything but I would definitely click on a “competition” forum.

Baldpaddler, I think most folks say they hate competition because they hate to lose. They don’t realize that 3rd is GREAT. 4th is really GOOD!

Then Why Not

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a rodeo competition or a surf kayaking competition category? The flatwater racers may also learn something from these.

Fact is that there's nothing precluding these discussions as is. Just put in the thread title, e.g. Paddle Faster! Win Races!


I love comp if we're stepping in the ring with gloves on.

Current categories in this forum include:

  • canoes
  • kayaks
  • canoeing technique
  • kayaking technique
  • destinations
  • white water
  • paddles
  • other gear

    So, many questions related to training and racing are posted as “unassigned”.

I like the forums just the way they are
I race both canoes and kayaks, and over the years I have asked and gotten good answers and advice, as well as given my two cents worth when I can.

Post your racing info, results, times, etc here and ask your questions on the Questions fourm and I’ll be the first to peruse them.



" Hate competition" ?
No one is more competitive than the team of Bald Paddler and Red Cross Randy against “The Bride” and me, and when the race is over we are all love birds.



dont forget
and 43rd beats a good day at the office.

Perhaps You Choose To See Racing…

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as something more "special?" If you want to talk racing strokes, why would it not fit under "kayaking technique" or "Canoe technique." If you want to talk about your Thunderbolt, why would it not fit under "kayaks?" If you want to talk about a specific race, why not "destinations?" These broad categories which, combined with thread title, allow for quite a bit of inclusiveness.

The fact is PNet appeals to a broad spectrum of folks engaged in the various facets of "paddling." If you want specialized, I am quite sure there are specialized racing forums just as there are specialized ww comp forums or surf kayaking or waveskiing comp forums.

If you find racing threads in PNet not engendering the response you want, the many members are saying they're not interested. Likewise, when I post about surf paddling, I can count on maybe 3-4 consistent folks interested in it and responding to it. Making a special category for surf paddling isn't going to change that. The fact is that PNet has a very "democratic" process in which the PNetters vote with what threads they participate in or not.


sorry, I haven’t started this thread
I only expressed my opinion …

And, I see “racing” not as something special, but as a much broader category covering different aspects of exercise, fitness, training, etc., which often go across current categories. What if my racing boat is a hybrid between a kayak and canoe paddled with both single and double blade? Where to put hydration or nutrition? Go to those “other” racing forums?

Actually, I don’t need to ask any questions about racing here. I was thinking that I could provide some answers or share some of my experiences if I could more easily scan this forum. It is just too much information here.

The better solution than categories would be to have keywords assign to each thread and search the forum by keywords, e.g., kayak+racing, canoe+whitewater, etc.