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I’m 6’3", 210# and thinking about buying a Seda Glider. I live in South Dakota and would like to try one to see if my size 15 feet fit before I spend a bunch of $$$. Anyone in the Midwest have one I could rent for a weekend or try then buy?

definitely try
Can;t help you on the demo, but definitely try. I am 6’ 210# and find the Seda Glider (I assume that is the boat you are talking about) uncomfortable as my legs are too straight forward (front deck is too low for me).

Seda Glider
That’s probably the answer - if its too tight for you then at 6’3" I am afraid I’ll get a full-length wedgie. Thanks.

There are a couple of big guys here in San Diego who have been racing Gliders for years, love them, and winning. Try it yourself.

Size 15 feet t 6’4" and…

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The only racing kayak that fit me reasonably well was the Valley Rapier (I had the 18, but the 20 seems similar fit-wise). Problem is usually the size of my feet attached to very long legs. A taller person with small feet would fit in many more kayaks than I do... The Rapier 18 I could paddle with low profile paddling shoes and had lots of legroom to spare. You won't fit in the factory seat, so keep that in mind - will need to make your own or buy something like the Bumfortable seat.

I would not worry too much about legs being straight in a racing kayak - you will have your knees together and inside the cockpit opening most of the time, pumping for leg drive. I don't know if Seda Glider allows you to do that or not

I have not tried the Rockpool Taran and Point 65 XP 18 and, why not, the new Freya 18 or whatever their new fast kayak is called, which seem like they have plenty of leg and foot room. I have not tried the Rockpool Pace either, it looks a bit smaller to me...

But that said, unless you want a closed cockpit for some reason, surf skis are more pleasant to race. Epic V10 Sport, perhaps?

surfski as an option
the nice thing about skis besides being very fast is no problem with big feet. If you want to stay in the fast sea kayak category, the epic v8 is qualifies.

Epic offers a big feet foot plate option so the rudder pivot is in the right spot.

Have you looked at NC
NC Kayaks makes a 19’-2" sea kayak that is supposed to accept up to a size 15 1/2 shoe. I can’t personally confirm the shoe size, but I can confirm that the NC Expedition is a fast kayak. I have owned one for the past 5 years and I can also confirm that it is the boat I go to when I want to cover a lot of water fast and not be too concerned about how rough it gets. This boat loves big water. Incidentally, they are made in America (USA).

It might be worth your time to check out their website and maybe give them a call and talk to Doug Searls. 888-441-8582.

Thanks for the ideas - will check them out.

I have an older Glider (early 90’s). I’m 6’2" with size 11.5 feet and have plenty of room. I’m sure the deck design has changed since the model I have.