racing kayak or surf ski for pole pedal paddle

I have intermediate experience, sea kayak trips, a little whitewater and using kayaks like Eddyline & Current Designs faster boats (infinity, fathom lv etc). What do you think would be the fastest boat i could use for the race? It is only about 2 miles long going upriver, downriver and back upriver to put-in site, so just 2 buoy turns. thks!

What surf skis are available for you to use? Any experience paddling one?

I think a ski is faster - but also can be quite tippy, depending on which one you’re paddling.

A google search comes up with this race being on the Deschutes in Bend, OR? Do I have the right race? And the course is 1.25 miles on flat water (no white water)?

That is basically a sprint race, so you want a boat which you are most comfortable in and can get in and out quickly. A faster boat that you aren’t used to and you flip on would lose way more time for you than being in a slower boat that you stay upright in.

With a race that short the buoy turns will be important. I have seen marathon racing C-1 canoes gain 2 or so boat lengths by being able to get a strong off-side edge and make a quick 180 without burning off too much speed.

Thanks everybody. Yes, it’s about a 2.5 mile kayak leg w/ only river flow, no whitewater. Maybe I should post a new thread but am wondering about kayak trainers/simulators (I also plan to kayak other longer races, week-long kayak trips etc).
Seems KayakPro is very well-liked. Anyone know if the COMPACT version (50 bucks more, well worth it bc wife prefers that) is just as good? Thx!

There are surf skis that are not very tippy and one of those is the Stellar 16. I’ve paddled it and thought it would be a great boat for playing around with the kind of thing you have in mind.

I’ve also paddled the Kayak Pro–I think it was the 14 foot Namu and it was also fast for a 14’ boat, but I would say, not as fast as the 16’ Stellar ski. The great thing about the 16’ Stellar is that it turns very well compared to say the 18 footer.

Are there any kayak trainers out there with a sliding seat; a friend went to a Chalupsky clinic and said he thought that would be best…but I don’t see any out there…?

Do you mean a rotating seat on an erg? I believe that that the KayakPro Speedstroke erg takes standard Nemo sprint kayak seats, including their rotating seat.