Racing kayak websites?

I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good racing kayak websites for boats similar to the rapier or the nemo (FSK?)

Thanks for the push in the right direction


there seems to be a shortage of pages dedicated to FSK paddlers. OR am I wrong?

other sites
the yahoo groups surfski and kayak (flatwater marathon).

our local yahoo mipp group- upper midwest performance paddlers. (SA board)

and links on those pages


What about ocean tourers
who use boats like the Nemo or Rapier?

Try the Yahoo group neoceankayakracing

Nemos and Rapiers
I for one use boats like that. I’ve got a Nemo and it is my boat of choice for most things these days. I’ve raced it in a variety of races most of which have been on flatwater/tidal rivers. That said I love the boat in the ocean and on bigger water. It’s fast, stable and accelerates like you wouldn’t believe. Next month I’ll be taking it on a little race around Manhattan.

As for websites or discussion groups devoted to fast sea kayak racing, I don’t personally know of any. My local sea kayak club, the Chesapeake Paddlers Association, has a performance paddling forum on the website and while most of us race sea kayaks we also have alot of surf ski drivers in the group. You can check it out at

I’d love to see more emphasis on sea kayak racing. I think interest is picking up but a critical mass isn’t there yet. For now, I still think the best spot to find info for most sea kayak specific race stuff is right here.

Ocean touring in a Rapier or NEMO
I’m looking into more open water paddlign and touring instead of playing in rock gardens and so on

The FSKs seem to be an exhilarating ride