racing/surfski info?

I have the kayak bug really bad…I have a scupper pro, a couple of other recreational kayaks, and a glass Slipstream…I would now like a racing kayak…can anyone recommend a good brand/model for someone who is 5’6’'and 135 lbs?

From what I have read, some models are way more tippy than others. Thanks for the help.


Surfski Or Kayak ???

You might type in to see their S1-A model wqhich is built for your weight…

We are working on what will be the fastest ‘Sea Kayak’ Class Kayak for folks your size. > click on Tideline Builders Forum for Mermaid


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And I'm right here in Coconut Grove!

It's a South African SOT, a Knysna Isthmus -17' X 21", glass, ruddered (if you want/need it), and slicker'n snot on teflon. BTW, Sally & I got our starts in Scuppers, and we still have Sally's Classic and my Pro TW. We also have SINKs, now, too...!

It's a pretty -and pretty QUICK -kayak, and according to a couple of fellows I consider experts (Iceman, here, & Greg down at FBO), not as tippy as a ski.

It's a fast boat that I'd be happy to let you try to


-Frank in Miami

Thanks Frank, but I would not want to consider myself an expert having as a bechmark (truly experts) guys like Barton -in the flats- and the brothers Chalupsky on the ocean :smiley:

Anyway, I agree with you on the Isthmus. To me a logical bridge between a top sky and a sea kayak. A stable ski like XT or Mark 1 (from experience paddler standards) might be unbearable for a good sea kayaker in equal conditions.



PS: Patty if you are close to Frank, don’t miss the opportunity to try the Isthmus as a half way between a top sky and a fast sea kayak. To be honest, the “I” is a “kind of” sky but a bit more stable, which might be raced in the sea kayak category.

Racing/surf ski/ info …one more questi
Darn! I did demo a Krysna the week before the race in Key Largo and really regret I did not buy it…but the guy who was selling it said he thought it was very tippy( he was very tall…may have been the problem…I did not feel it was tippy and it was a terrible choppy day when I tried it) The price was extremely reasonable at $750.

I tried like heck to buy a custom made super pretty “work of art” surfski recently but was out bid…I don’t think any guy would have wanted to be caught dead in it, but I thought it was great…not sure how it paddled as it was custom made by “two girls in Cocoa in the 90’s.”

How about a Bob Twogood? Too adanced for me?

Thanks for the info…I figured it was a good idea to post the question because I knew there woud be some people with good suggestions.

you ought to contact bruce gibson in ft lauderdale. they’ve got a webpage which details a bunch of their skis. he sells lots of skis and usually has good used ones available. he also carries the mako xt, which is a very highly regarded, somewhat more stable ski. there’s also a guy named joseph pettigrew in venice who sells ski- quite a character, but genuinely committed to getting people into surfski. post on the yahoo surfski site and you will find him in no time at all. he’s “dogtessa”. he has a couple of xt’s i think and some other south african stuff.


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Definitely talk to Bruce.

If you felt stable on the Isthmus in heavy chop you’re ready for a lighter and even faster surf ski. Finding ones used ones sized for smaller paddlers can be tricky. A Mako XT would be a good option as it has adjustable foot wells. Last time I was at his place he had a nice new light blue XT at a good price. If there are other options that will fit you available in the area - Bruce would know. He should also have a container coming in from South Africa soon (?) that should have more XTs and maybe some new models…

Check with race organizers about what is the fastest boat allowed in each class and try to buy used. Go to races and camp out the night before with a notebook to record emails of racers and get to know what works. has great free downloads. usack has race schools