Rack advice

Own a Nissan Crew Cab Frontier, need some advice on best rack options (no factory rack installed-not an after purchase option), I have an old Thule goal post hitch rack which I am considering with foam blocks for the front but outside of a cap w/rack ($$$$) I was hoping for another option. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

why not use the Q Towers from Yakima

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...... on the cab ??

With the hitch mount vertical T post at rear (I guess this is the same or similar as the goal post you mentioned ??) , and the Yakima Q Towers on cab , you have a perfect carry system I think .

Canoe foam blocks are OK , but you'll like the towers and bar much , much better I think .

I use a hitch mounted Reese Canoe Loader at rear , and the Q Towers on cab (a Dakota w/cap) ... my friend has an extended cab Frontier and bought the same set up , he likes it too .

We both use canoe stops (Yakima) on the front bar , the Yakima strap that comes with the canoe stops is great also .

One of the things I like about the Q Towers and hitch mount Canoe Loader , is they are so easy to put on when wanted and take off when not ... takes 5 mins. for both .

Another is the span between front and rear carry points .

For about 200. new retail , you can get the Q Towers w/pads , Q clips , cylinder locks for towers , bar w/ caps , canoe stops and strap ... shipped to your door .

You probably know this ... once you make the initial assembly and adustments of the Q Towers set up for your auto , that's about it from there on , just pop on and pop off after that (check for proper tightness each time you put it back on , a quarter turn of adjustment screw now and then as it gets used and breaks in) , it's a "snap" closed and your done .

Agree with pwings
I have the Yakima towers on the cab and one pair of their Outdoorsman towers (similar to your Goalpost) on the bed. Works great. I ditched the foam blocks years ago and never looked back.