Rack and Roll trailer safety recall

Anybody using the Rack and Roll Trailer should check to see if their trailer is subject to a significant safety recall.



– Last Updated: Mar-21-08 11:02 AM EST –

Back when I was researching boat trailers I read that you really can't stop metal fatigue with aluminum, all you can do is design around it, so that it happens really slowly.

That would be a pretty-obvious high-stress point on that trailer design, especially if it's used to haul long boats.

Still wishing these people or SportsRig would put their nice soft suspension on a proper boat trailer frame.


I hope they include proper instructions

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I wonder if the installation instructions for the steel insert state that you should lightly grease the contact area(s) where aluminum and steel join.

Bike parts where aluminum alloy mated with steel always had to be greased, or else salt water (including sweat or winter road slush) would weld the two together.

doesn’t matter
the steel insert are put inside the frame to never be seen or moved again. The upgrade, while they say it will take 30 minutes took me all of three.