Rack arrangement question.

I typically carry 2 boats on the rack. One on j-racks and one in cradles. I need to carry 3 on an upcoming trip, so wanted some more room. A sea kayak, a Pungo, and a SOT.
I have always had the J’s turned to the center but someone here said they had seen some as pictured. Does it look unsafe ? To me it’s weird but firmly anchored.
The boat in the middle will be the Pungo in saddles. The sea kayak will be on the other side in Malone’s Js.

Good to go. You have a huge bar spread so leverage is in you court. Stuff some whitewater or surf kayaks in the bed of the truck for good measure. :smile:

See you on the water,
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Thanks Marshall. I do carry in the bed with an extended.

Marshall, like you said, no sweat. I could add a couple of paddle boards. The tarp is to keep the Pungo from gaining weight during tonight’s predicted t- storms. Thanks again.

I do mine the other way…two saddles
and one J in the middle

Both do the job.