Rack for 2000 Dodge Durango

Any Durango ownwers out there? I am interested in upgrading from the factory rack and foam blocks to something a bit more substantial. I know nothing about racks but want to be able to haul 2 kayaks. I can put my kayaks on the foam pads by myself so the read loading rollers are not a necessity. Maybe I just need 2 sets uf cradles. What rack system do you have and does it mount in the existing factory groves or some other way? Tnanks for any advice.

I also have a 2002 Durango. I am Currently using the Thule Hul-A-Port racks. Come with 2 lshaped racks,2 wrachet straps and 2 rachet ropes to tie your kayaks down.

Wouls strongly suggest in getting a small step stool to carry with you to get the straps on the kayaks. It is a long stretch from the ground to try to reach over the kayaks.


or try your local kayak dealer

Had a 2000 Durango
We had a Thule on it, and it worked very well. We took the factory rack off since we already owned our Thule rack, but you could put Hull-a-Ports on the factory rack if you wished. Our Thule has lasted for years, although, we got new bars recently. I had Hull-a-Ports, but as I kayak less and less, I needed wider bars for carrying two canoes, so got the 78" bars. If it were me, I wouldn’t bother with the Hull-a-Ports or any other kayak racks. The Thule bars are about $50 whether you get the narrowest or the widest, so I’d just get a wider rack and use pool noodles. I prefer the lower center of gravity and ease of transporting kayaks cockpit down (you don’t have to worry about a cockpit cover and it’s easier to load). Hope that helps! WW