Rack for a Chevy Equinox

I need to adapt a Thule rack to my new Equinox. The Equinox has roof rack rails that are mounted vertically. My old TrailBlazer had the rack rails mounted horizontally. Has anyone got any suggestions for the Equinox?

j racks?
i looked long and hard at the different options for my equinox, and finally decided on j-racks. it just seemed like i would be pouring money into any other options. if i remember correctley, you would have to buy adapters for the factory rack, and then towers on top of that. depending on which kit you use (430 tracker & tk10 kit or 430r tracker & tk10 kit)you would be spending $213.00 or $268.00 PLUS bars ($55.00 minimum), PLUS whatever rack system you might choose (stacker, j-rack, saddles). i already had the 58" bars, so there was no cost involved there, but the adapters and towers were so specific to that vehicle that it just didn’t seem like a cost-effective way to go. i bought 2 sets of j-racks that mount directly to the factory rack for less than $200.00 and i’m done. i’m also happy that these can be used on my next vehicle, no matter what make or model, without having to buy anything else. the two drawbacks that i’ve found with the j-racks are ease/difficulty of loading and a large increase in wind resistance leading to a significant reduction in fuel economy. i personally don’t have a problem loading my boats but there is no way that my wife could load one on her own. i’m 6 foot, 215 lbs and she is 5 foot 5, weight classified. my milage, unloaded, is 22-25 mpg highway, but on my last trip to michigans u.p., with the cruise set at 65, i averaged about 17 mpg. my 2 cents worth, YMMV.

Equinox racks
Thanks for the response.

I too have Malone Jracks. I will go woth your solution.

Thanks Again