Rack For Jeep Liberty

I need to carry a Pungo140 and a Pungo120 on my Jeep Liberty. Yakima advises the load not to exceed 100lbs using their Low Rider mounts. The Jeep manual advises a max load of 150lbs. Yakima just states they are more conservitive on their ratings. I think the total load of the boats and rack would be about 130lbs. Has anyone had experience with this setup? I think I should be within the fudge factor?

i had a liberty, and i now use the rack on my trailer. anyway go to any of the big Rack web sites, just Google it, I chose the Yakima system, with the boats you are talking about you may have to get wider bars, unless you want to use a J cradle.

Thanks Swedge
I will have to use the J cradles. I was just worried about the weight limit. Did you experience any problems?

But the boats I carried were a T-160 and a QCC-700, probably about 50 lbs total less weight. and I didn’t have them on J cradles.

Most of the weight limits
have more to do with the higher center of gravity and vehicle stability than anything else. Being aware of that, by driving smoooothly, no sudden lane changes, accelerating around sharp corners, etc. you should be ok. :slight_smile:

2002 Jeep Liberty Sport

I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty. I went with a Yakima Low riders on the OEM existing rails. When I purchased the system last year Yakima went with a more conservative estimate based on the fact that the Liberty is still too new for a full rating. Hullys and mako saddles and their support bars.

I currently carry a Necky Tahsis 18’, 2.5". Boat is rated at 49lbs. Last year I carried an old CD plastic Storm. I keep a strap on the bow to keep it from moving too much laterally. No problems. They system works really well for me. Interestingly enough with the boat on my rack, my gas mileage improves!

Hope that helps