Rack for soft top Jeep Wrangler

There are several brands of racks available (but unfortunately not Thule or Yakima). Any suggestions on which are the best?




racks for jeep
When I was using my Jeep Wrangler for paddling trip I installed some jeep racks over soft top (olympic?), than I drilled holes in yakima crossbars and bolted them to the jeep racks. This way I could use kayak saddles and other yakima accessories on my jeep.

Here is an old and small picture:


i use these

I had a Kargo-Master on mine…
It is hinged in the back and has an adapter for Yakama Bars



kargo master…
congo cage, the I used U-bolts and made brackets to attach Yakima bars. I had tons of stuff up there, Mega warrior with 2 boats, and 2 bikes plus some other gear work great. The only down fall is it will rust if you live in the rust belt and it is noisy. Summer time I have a safari top so I didn’t have to worry about putting top down.

Kargo master has an adapter…
that is specifilly made for attaching Yakima or any other round bars to their big bars.

I had them and they work out real well, but if I had to do it again, I would save a bunch of bucks by just bolting the Yakima bars to the Kargomaster bars.