rack ideas for a 2007 Impala

Does anyone have any ideas for a two kayak roof rack that is removable for a 2007 Chevy Impala? I have a Thule system for my wifes mini van that works great. I need to adapt it to the Impala, or make a new one. Is there a design out there that uses suction cups and 2"X4"s ? I’m desperate right now for a solution. Thanks in advance.

Thule web site says

just buyfeet and fit kit and you’re good
400XT Aero Foot 2174 Fit Kit

I’d get the 58 inch load bars cause the 50’s are too short

Thanks for the quick responses.
Any designs for a hommade rack out there?

portable rack alternative

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If you can find one, I think you can order one from overseas. Handirack works great! Cheap portable alternative. I have used this for one kayak, soon I will try two kayaks strapping them tight together with pool noodles in between, should work well as I don't travel long distance with yaks on roof.
I have also found http://www.canoegear.com/catalog/home.php?cat=42
nice suction cup rack that you can attach components to, at $ 120 per rack, might be better to buy vehicle specific rack. If you do uncover any plans for making a sturdy suctioncup rack, please share them.

rack for Impala
I really like the suction cup rack from this string. Its still $120 but I can use it on any car.