Rack Installation Question

I am hoping someone has some insight into the problem I ran into while installing my Yakima rack on my Accord.

So, with the rack off the car, I set it at the correct measurements, with the correct clips. Everything was to Yakima’s specifications. I then put it on my car at the correct distance from the windsheild. And it didn’t fit. It was too wide. The clips were not hugging the door frame like they’re supposed to. So, I pulled it off, moved the towers in by about an inch, put it back on and voila, it fit. Problem solved.

However, I wrote an email to Yakima alerting them to this issue (their measurements simply do not work), and they said that they indeed do work and that by changing it to fit my car, I voided the warranty.

So, has anyone else had a problem putting a rack on a Honda Accord? Did I do something wrong? Please advise if you have any insider’s tips on how to make it fit, if the measurements are indeed incorrect, or if I am just even more tool-inept than I originally thought. Thanks.

similar problem
Not on a Honda, but on my 2003 Dodge Dakota 4 door. I worked (for several years a good while back) for both a bike shop and an outfitter selling and installing Yakima racks. Bought everything I needed for my Dakota, couldn’t for the life of me make it fit. Took it to the local Yakima dealer, they couldn’t do it either. They called Yakima, Yakima said it would work, none of us could make it work. Wish I new what the trick is. Ended up putting “factory” luggage racks on the truck and a Yakima basket thing on top of that.

No problems on our 2000 Accord.
Hard to say why you are having problems. The particular Yakima person you talked to seemed more concerned with their liability than with figuring out why the instructions did not work.

You need to be SURE that the instructions are for the Accord you own, and not for an earlier or later series. And you need to make sure that you are measuring between the correct points in setting the width of the towers on the bar.

If it fits
I would not worry about it. Thw warranty will not cover thier measurements when it falls off i’m sure.

Interesting …
I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota Extended Cab. My Yakima fits perfectly on the cab using the factory measurements. I put it on and take it off frequently because the truck doesn’t fit in my parking garage with the rack on. I just eyeball the distance from the windshield for the front rack now. Did you have trouble with the front, rear or both? I use a raingutter rack on the truck cap for the rear.


I had trouble with the front and the rear. Not sure if there is any difference between the older and newer model years or between the extended cab and the quad cab. Mine seemed almost like it had the wrong clips altogether.

wouldn’t fit either
on my Chevy Venture. I just got the Venture when I traded in the old van. Got the new clips for the Venture and went thru using all the new measurements. The rack wouldn’t fit. Double checked all measurements on both rack and van according to directions, they were correct , rack wouldn’t fit. So I just did my own adjustments to get a snug fit and going with that.

I agree with Northman and Yooper, don’t worry too much about premeasuring, just make sure it actually fits - that’s what I did with my Dakota and after six pproblem-free years I finally sold the truck and kept the rack

good point
If this was their response, then if it fails they will find another way out.

I don’t agree. Pre-measuring is what
makes current Yakima rack systems stay on much better than the older Yakima tower system. You are not likely to find settings that give the bulletproof stability I have on our Accord.

The real question is, why don’t the Yakima instructions work for the original poster? Either he has the wrong instructions for his car (due to a mistake by Yakima packers), or he has purchased the wrong set of clips and towers from his dealer.

I install
accessories for many vehicles. Don’t do much rack installs ,but lots of accesories need minor adjusting from spec. measurements to fit correctly.

Not like what the first poster described
and when I installed my Yakimas on my 2000 Accord, they required ZERO adjustment. Zero.

Thanks to all for comments. G2D I will try again and see if I have something wrong. I do have the right hardware (even I remembered to check that) but perhaps I didn’t tighten the screws as much as I should have. I’ll let you know the outcome of this week-long saga.


Double check the measurements
What I’ve found with Yakimas is that you can set the measurements correctly, but when you tighten the towers to the bars, they inevitably move outward, throwing the measurement off. I’m not overly impressed with this system and fine Thule racks much better in that regard. Once you set 'em, they stay in place. Better still are Saris racks, which is what I’m switching to. They tighten to the car as you install them, no premeasuring or presetting required.