Rack Padding Adequate

-- Last Updated: May-17-05 10:14 AM EST --

I just finished padding my kayak storage rack. The frame is made of 2x4s with the racks supported by adjustable shelving brackets leaning back at a 75-80º angle. I installed 24" 2X4s to the brackets (to spread out the load on the boat hulls and padded with two layers of 3/8" carpet padding and upholstered with a synthetic denim fabric.

I am storing a Hurricane Tracer (a Trylon boat) and a CapellaRM (Poly) on the rack. Due to space constraints I prefer to store them flat rather than on their sides. I'm concerned about "oil canning" if stored flat. Is 3.5" of padded support enough to protect the boats against deformation. The Tracer seems ok but the Capella is a softer plastic. I may try storing the Capella on its deck on the rack but do not want the deck to cave either.

Does my rack sound adequate? Any simple mods to the cradle that would be better?

Here's a not great picture:


Anyone else have their boats hanging in the living room too?



The Capella should be sturdy enough.
Watch those mid summer Florida temps though. If you’ve got one of the newer Capellas, this won’t be of any help, but for an older one, try and rest it over the bulkheads. The newer ones have glorified milk jug material for bulkheads…no strength, just waterproofing. ;(


Just looked at the pic.
One thing you could do is hang the Capella from the same tier as the Tracer, by webbing. It would cradle the whole hull instead of just the keel.

Wish I could keep mine in the living Rm
Wow! I wish I could keep mine inthe living room! My wife would leave me if I did that (Oh, boy! what an idea!) :slight_smile: (just joking)

I saw the picture, and I would not rack mine like that. Poly, trylon, or composite.

Understanding your circumstance, let me make the following suggestion. Instead of flat bar shelves, cut some plywood to match the shape of your hull. This will spread the weight over more area up along the sides a bit. More than the single spot your hull now rests on the shelf. Instead of using carpet, which is really harder than you think, use a couple layers of foam pipe insulation. This will give to cradle the hull shape. a lot more than the carpet.

The thing I dislike the most of your set up, is that the hull is sitting on the rack at one small area, right at the bottom keel line of the boat. Over time this has to hurt it some. At least use some thick SOFT foam blocks to sit the hull on.

My wife has a Tracer, and the material is pretty stiff. I think you might be Ok sitting it on the hull if you had soft foam blocks under it. But I would sit the poly boat on foam blocks, and set the deck on the foam. I know this looks weird having the boat upside down, but the last thing you want to do is let the hull get out of shape.

Nice rack, but I would pad things a lot more. SOFT foam is best. Happy Paddling!

I may go back and cut plywood forms to the shape of the hull but that is at least a few weeks off. The Capella does concern me some (although it seems pretty stiff with the 3 layer construction and being in air conditioned storage). The Tracer seems to be stiff enough not to concern me much and rests to one side of the keel line unlike the Capella that wants to sit flat.

I’ve thought of hanging them with webbing but doubt that I will do so.


What about seat cushion foam padding?
After reading wjlatsha’s comments, I’ve been thinking about ways to bolster the padding a bit.

I’m thinking that maybe I can use 6" thick seat cushion (soft grade) as a pad under the boats to allow better weight distribution. I’d leave the upholstered as they are to set the boats into place and then lift each and place the foam between the rack and hull when storing them for any length of time.

Hopefully, I’ll see a couch on the side of the road that isn’t too scary and be able to get some free foam (ideas on how to cut it neatly?) If not, I’ll try to buy from an upholstery shop or online.