Rack Recommendations for Ford Expedition

Been using the factory rack but need a “real” rack system for 2003 Ford Expedition to haul 3-4 kayaks more securely for long distances.

Would love to hear some suggestions, reviews based on personal experiences, etc.


Not sure , but you could check this out:

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I have a 2003 Ford F-150 with a cap on the back which I have two sets of Yakima landing Pads bolted through the fiberglass top.
Several years ago, I wanted to add a cross bar to the roof of the truck and found that Yakima has landing pads that bolt through the top but don't come all the way through to the inside. They are like a big square toggle bolt and work great.
They also carry rails that bolt on the same way which allows you to position your cross bars whereever you want them.
I found them to be much more solid than the factory bars

Jack L

weight limits
Yakima rates that car for a 165 pound maximum roof load, so 4 boats might be a stretch. The best ways to fit lots of boats on a roof are to get a “stacker”, and strap two boats on each side; or get 4 sets of J-cradles that each hold one boat on its side.