Rack & Roll Trailer

In the manual, it says that the height of your trailer ball should be 22" (from ground to top of the hitch ball). If I do my own calculations (level trailer, etc.) it would seem that is 19 or 20" would be more appropriate. Is there anyone out there using this trailer, and if so, what’s the height from the ground to the top of your hitch ball? Thanks for the help.


It won’t matter

– Last Updated: May-11-14 5:39 PM EST –

If you can make the trailer sit reasonably level when being towed, that's good enough. Who ever wrote the advice about the perfect height of the ball probably put as much care into their measurements as seemed necessary, which is to say, probably not much. A two-inch difference in ball height on a trailer of that length will hardly be noticeable. If the ball height you arrange ends up looking "right" to you, it'll be fine.

Oh, and it just occurred to me, those trailers have a really soft suspension. Therefore it is possible that the recommended hitch height makes the trailer ride level when empty, and the hitch height that you found to make it level is when it's carrying a load. Just guessing, but that could be what's going on. Naturally, that's another reason no one adjusts the height of their hitch with such precision - the load carried by the trailer will affect what turns out to be the "ideal" hitch height, and how much load is carried by the vehicle will then alter whatever height is chosen.

18" on mine
Seems to work fine. This trailer has been used on four different cars and trucks and no one has ever measured it before.