Rack setup for 1 canoe 2 kayaks on a Chrysler Town and Country?

I’ve got a 15ft Coleman canoe. I don’t have the kayaks yet, and am up for suggestions on that. But, I’m wondering if there’s a rack I could get that would let me load all of them on the roof of my minivan. Thanks.

Not sure about your minivan, but I carry a 17 foot canoe in the center and two 18 foot sea kayaks(one on each side) in J cradles on my Subaru Forester and on the cap of my Toyota Tacoma

Our minivan has crossbars that are ~36" long, which is also the width of the canoe at it’s widest point, so I don’t think i could put j cradles on it with the canoe. We’ve got a nissan rogue as well, It’s rails are about 42" apart, but with no crossbars. Did you have to add aftermarket crossbars on your subaru? How wide is your canoe?

Best option is to get a Yakima or similar system made for boat hauling. Options for different length crossbars and fittings for canoes and kayaks. Not cheap but will last forever and SECURE your craft properly so you can travel safely.

I run Thule 78" bars. They are currently on a 2015 Forester but have also been on a Windstar & a Liberty. Not everyone will want to go so wide. We have 65" bars for the Crosstrak. I have had up to 4 canoes on the 78" bars when running shuttle.

We had 78" Thule bars on my ex’s Dodge Caravan (same vehicle essentially). We often hauled a 16’ canoe and a pair of kayaks on it. You do need to watch if you are tall enough not to get clocked with the overhanging ends of the extra wide bars.

Not saying they won’t fit but you can get carried away. I really don’t know what you can carry on a Crysler Town and Country. but if you are asking that question here I think you need to go to school. Here is the link for Yakima’s school on rack systems. Its a good 10 or so minutes of information.


Cool. Thanks guys. I’ve contacted Thule and Yakima. Waiting to hear back.