Rack Setup for Trailer

Need recommendation on how to mount/transport one 12’ Kayak and one 10’ Kayak on a Haul Master 4’ x 8’ Trailer. Just trailer as of now. No plywood base, etc, Thanks!

Kayak Trailer
This is how we built our kayak trailer. I hope the pics help.

Are there trailer sides…
… or just the peremeter frame?

I’m REALLY new to kayaking but I did this, eh, a month or so ago. My 4x8 has 20" high wooden sides, so I attached four maple vertical boards in pairs, and bridged across those with plumbing “black pipe” with flanges at both ends, to bolt to the maple. Then I clamped on some kayak saddles bought used off CraigsList. One use so far but it works. Your boats being so much shorter than our dreadnaught, it should be easier.

Do you even need a rack?
If you’ll only ever haul the two yaks I’d think you oculd just strap them to the bed and call it a day. Maybe bolt some D rings to the bed for strapology?