Rack suggestions for 09 Honda CR-V

Anyone out there haul seakayaks on a 2007, 2008, or 2009 Honda CR-V? I’m looking for suggestions for the best setup. I’m used to using Yakima permanent racks on other vehicles but can’t get the fit sheet for the CR-V to install the tracks. Any ideas?

You can still use Yakima.

The factory roof rack stuff pops out and Yakama has a fitting that goes in it’s place.

My daughter has a 09 and that is what she did.

I believe she got some sort of an extender widgit either from Yakima or thule, which allows a bigger spread on the cross bars

She hauls a 18 foot Epic kayak plus various other canoes and kayaks…

If you need more info, E-mail me and I’ll forward it to her, and she can explain in more detail.



2009 Honda CR-V roof rack

Please share this info on this forum. I also have the 2009 CR-V and want to install a rack.

Will do.
My daughter is down in Texas on a business trip right now, but I e-mailed her the request, and either I’ll respond, or she will.

I am heading out to a race this PM and won’t be back home till late Monday night, but I’ll get bsack with it next week if she doesn’t.

I have seen her set-up, and it is neat.



Just heard from her and sent you
a private e-mail



yakima rack for a 2009 CRV
For your basic rack set-up you will need crossbars (at least 48"), control towers (sold as a set of 4) and 2 pairs of Landing pad #10. This will install on to your side rails, you will have to pop out a couple plates on each side of your side rails and the rack will install into each of these areas.

Once you have the basic set-up you can add saddles, J-cradles, etc.

Hope this helps

I’d love to see picture of that
… if you’ve got 'em.

CR-V Racks
Thanks Wullum for the basic rack info. That is the exact setup I’ve been using for a few years on other vehicles. I am anxious to hear what info Jackl has to offer in regards to the wider spread setup which is needed on the CR-V to safely carry the longer kayaks. If anyone else with CR-V’s have other ideas please chime in. Thanks

Thule on 09 CRV
I think these are the 54’’ Thule Areo bars, and Thule mounting plate and feet.

You don’t need any more spread to safely carry longer kayaks. You must use two front ties and one in the back. It’s much more stable than any rack system that has only one front and back tie. (and easy to use)

I already have the J racks but you can use whatever you want. I also use two foam pads for local trips, although they would probably be fine for interstate.

An advantage to a wider spread would be to load the kayaks from the back. I just put them on from the side.

The wider spread does have more stability however with two front ties and back, it doesn’t matter. I’ve been on a 2000 mile trip 80-90 mph with a Nordkap. this is the best set up I’ve ever used despite the narrow spread.

Look pretty slick and I’m getting 28 mpg in mixed driving.



I’m also interested in JackL’s set up.

what about the rest of us?
can you post the info here?