Rack/system for a Cativa

I just bought my first boat (I have been paddling for a while). A Perception Cativa 16.

I have a Ford Explore Sport Trac. I bought the factory bars - they have worked fine for carrieing a 140 duralight WS Tsunami and a 12 foot Santa Cruise (I love this boat and want one, the one that I had was borrowed). I had been using the J bar mounts.

the factory cross bars just do not seem sturdy enouft for the boats. I have bought a Thule 450 with 58 inch square bars - I hope that this is more sturdy.

I want saddles - and have looked at the Mako saddles. Need somthing that I can load myself. I did good using the J bars yesterday. The Sport Trac is tall.

What do you suggest - what are your ideas.


Karl - Jacksonville Fl

Look up the reviews on Mako Saddles. Some find them causing damage to the boat and some love them. http://www.paddling.net/Reviews/showReviews.html?prod=750

Consider Thule Hydroglide.

I’m not sure what benefit you’re trying to achieve. The Thule Hydroglides would be a good start, probably better with a Rollercoaster or Yakima Hully-Rollers on the back bar allowing you to slide the kayak up from the bed of the truck. The Thule Slipstream would probably be the bestest (I know grammatically horrible) The J bar comment has me confused. If that worked for you the new Hull-a-Port Pro would be a great step up as they fold down flat when not in use.

I’m assuming that you have a Perception Captiva 16 not a “Cativa”, that’s the bigger version of the old Carolina 14.5 if I remember correctly.

See you on the water,


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