Rack System for VW Bug

I will be purchasing my first kayak really soon and have a VW Bug. Anyone have a Thule rack system on a Bug? Any tips you can give me would be most appreciated.

Old or new bug? i have seen Old bugs with racks…

Zoe had a kayak and a VW Bug …
But I have not seen her post here in a long, long time.

If you could find one of her old posts you could e-mail her through the e-mail option.


if it’s a new bug…
that roof is so rounded i’m not sure any of the aftermarket models will work right.

i’d go with the factory vw rack–it has special sloped towers to keep the bars up high and parallel .

overall quality is very good and the kayak saddles are decent.

my $0.02

You didn’t say how big your yak will be. Some yaks will give your bug a problem while driving. If the bow and stern are sticking way beyond the bumbers you can have major control problems at high speed in the wind. WW yaks will be okay. Contact several different kayak dealers about which rack is best for you. They will know best.

My Sons 66
My son and I restored a 66 as his first car. He got some temperary racks, really mounts, for his surf board. He wanted to try to put one of my kayaks on his surf board rack and I said no, but we tried. What a site, there was more boat overhanging than there was over his car. Needless to say, but I dont think you want to carry at least a long kayak on at least an old style bug.

My boat is 18’ long. I should have taken a picture of it!


Long Boat/Short Car
We saw someone in the smallest Honda sedan, a Civic, pulling out of a parking lot in Maine with a prettty darned nice looking composite tandem on top a couple of years ago. It looked like you could have put more than two of those cars under the boat. Don’t know how they managed the winds on the trip to and from, but the license plate indicated they were from New Jersey.

I have a New Bug with a Thule Rack

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I have the Thule rack designed for the New Beetle. (#752 ?)

Set to Go Saddle, and the Rollercoaster (which I use to extend the roof line and aid in sliding it up on top)

On my beetle I carry a Prijon Catalina without any hassle or problems. The bug is just over 13' long, the Catalina is 15'.
(((my garage is only 16' long)))
I have driven several hundred miles along major highways with the yak and never a problem, or a second look from authorities. The Bow and Stern lines are required from what I've read on NJ highways.

You can put Bow and Stern lines on too, with the tow hook in the back and inside the fender well. No scratched painted, no weird driving either.

You just have to ignore the idiots who look at you funny driving around in a beetle, especially with a yak on top.

With the seat down in back I can carry quite a bit too.

see a picture at http://pdschmidt.com/mambo/images/stories/kayak500.jpg

don’t know if anyone here has ever…
…gotten a ticket or warning, but there is a limit to how far your “cargo” can extend beyond your bumpers…I’m thinking it is 4’ but don’t know for sure. In most states they only enforce this law on the turnpikes (maybe high speeds cause more problems).

Rack System for VW Bug
Thank you ever so much for your advice. I ordered my 14.4 Necky Looksha Sport on Thursday. I am not sure when it will be delivered. I had already ordered the rack and bought the glide pads and set and go pads. I may end up getting the rollers like you suggested.

I have access to my friend’s summer home on the river so I probably won’t be traveling all that much with it.

I was wondering where to hook it up in the front of the car. I may have to ask again after I check under by the wheel well where you hook the strap.

Thanks again.