Rack system on fiberglass top

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I have already searched other posts, but haven't come across a problem like this. Please help.

I want to mount a Thule or Yakima system to my fiberglass topper. My concern is the height of the rack system being about 4 inches. With my 16 foot canoe on top and about 7 inches of bow(pulled string tight end to end and measured to center of canoe) I might be close to hitting cab of truck. Anyone had any problems with this setup? I want to pull my travel trailer while carrying my canoe, so I wouldn't want canoe to hang out back over 2 foot or so. Rackoutfitters suggested maybe a gutter mount and high foot system, but that limits the bars to one position. I would rather have the sliding track mounted to topper which would allow repositioning of the bars as needed.

I have a 2001 Dodge extended cab with short wheel base. See this website for a visual of my concern. Imagine a Thule or Yakima system like the one on the silver truck, but installed on the burgandy truck like in the second picture. I intend to install both bar/racks to the fiberglass top and none to the cab.



I would appreciate any advice or input.

I have Yakama "Landing Pads"
on my fiberglass top with their towers and bars, and I think it is one of the best rack systems on the market.

With the canoe in the center of the top I have no problem my travel trailer.

I also have J cradles on the left and right and haul all two kayaks along with the canoe.

I have to keep the two long yaks way forward for making turns, but the only concern with the canoe overhang would be either entering or leaving a steep driveway, and if you have someone watch, you can learn where the best position for the canoe is.



how high
How high are the top of your bars above your topper? Thule 430 tracker II system will give me about 4 inches or Thule-Yakima with gutter feet setup and high rise foots I can get about 7-8 inches.

Thanks for your help.

chev extended cab
Have a glass top on my truck with yakima racks.

You can slightly adjust the position of the mounts on the glass top to gain some height. You can mount the rear a bit lower as well. directions call for a slightly higher mount in the front.

Regardless, on some of my boats the bow hit the roof. I pop riveted two small hard rubber blocks on the sliding L brackets/side locks on the forward rack. Those side locks will also provide some clearance. That works for most of the boats but on some I just load them stern first to clear the roof. I always locate the boat to the far right for easier access to the straps and to keep the front tie down line out of my line of sight when driving.

OK, I misundestood your problem
Mine are about four inches above the fiberglass, but the fiberglass matches the cab roof perfectly.



Mount the front bar on the roof

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of the truck and the rear bar on tracks on the cap. That way its adjustable, the canoe is more forward so it wont hang over as much in the rear and its forward enough that the bow wont hit the truck roof.

EDIT: Disregard this, I just read the last sentence in your post.

Over stressed
2’ rear overhang plus the short bed will over stress the front bar if you mount to the shell. Over half the length of the canoe will extend over the front bar. It is not the weight at rest that is the problem. When you are moving, bounce will cause problems. If this is your only option, the front bar mount will have to be reinforced from the inside of the shell. Simpler and cheaper would be to make your own rack from 1/4"x3" aluminum flat stock with inside reinforcing down to the shell base frame. This is done with Eide Loaders for car top boats. Another option is a lumber rack designed to accommodate a shell.

Quick n’ Easy rack ?
Have you looked at the Quick and Easy racks?


You can buy just the “foot” and attach 2x4, and double layer at the gunnels to go as high as you want. The basic rack is about 8" high I think.

You’d mount them on the rain gutter pieces that you’d bolt to the topper. Not a sliding adjustment, but if you needed to reposition, one more set of gutter pieces would not be all that expensive. I use the Quick n’ Easy rack on my topper, but with round cross bars instead of a 2x4, and with the front rack mounted on the truck cab.

can’t install raingutters

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Just went by local outfitter that sells rack systems and the raingutter pieces that can be mounted to fixed position on camper shells won't fit due to space limitations between glass and rounded edge at top of shell. So my options now are sliding track or fixed position on top.

Should I have any concern about mounting a bar on camper shell and one on the truck roof? This may work better with an extended cab truck. I have seen some posts concerned about twists between cab and bed, but this is a discovery old town canoe, so I think that shouldn't hurt it?

I appreciate all the replies and advice...