Rack to suspend kayak in garage

I am considering a rack for my kayak that suspended from the ceiling in my garage. I bought my kayak off of the classified ad. I have no idea what it ways. It is probably about 10 years old and is the Ocean Kayak Riverline model. Any idea on how much it weighs?

probably under 60 pounds
I couldn’t find much details, besides that is a 10’6" x 30" wide sit on top. Boat like this generally weigh 50-60 pounds.

H is best but
but F applied with epoxy into a correctly sized n vertically drilled hole is doable.



prob a utube.

For one boat ,you can easily suspend
it with 2 eye hooks and two straps. Mount the hooks in the ceiling joists so each strap is a third of the way down the boat. Rope also works.

Unlike datakoll, I try not to write in riddles.

You can be more elaborate too
You could rig up a hoisting system for the two straps or ropes described by String if lifting the boat up to the hanging location is awkward, as it will be if doing it by yourself. I’ve built several of these for myself and for some friends. To keep it simple, some people just use extra-long slings, and set the boat into the slings at some convenient level (like on sawhorses or even the floor), and then gradually and alternately cinch up the slings shorter and shorter, until the boat is right up by the ceiling.