Rack Warehouse: Any Feedback/Exeperience

I am considerting a significant purchase from The Rack Warehouse (Internet). Anyone have any feedback about them from their custormer service experience?


Mt. Pleasant, SC

I bought from them.

Not an issue. Prompt shipping, new product.

Also I have bought from ORS Racks direct, and have linked theri useful youtube web demos, hwther you buy from them or not.

C ya Bill.

Since 2001
I’ve bought Racks and Thule Tracker II fit kits from them 3or 4 times. Courteous, knowlegeble, and a good price; what more can you ask for? WW

i purchased my racks from them at about half the price my “Local” outtfiter was going to charge, although he is not really local as in 50 miles away. he would have also had to ORDER it first. It was easyer to Order myself and have it deliverd to my own house, TAX free too. kind of going OT but i am soooo tired of the “we dont have that but can order it for you” mentality of many outtfiters

Go for it
I’ll echo the positive comments about Rack Warehouse. I bought two Thule Hullaports from them six years ago. Great price, quick shipment, no complaints.

same here
…and I could not find the product I needed on EBay significantly cheaper.

Good experience
with them ordering racks, and when I lost one of the pads tath stick to the bottom of my tower they replaced it free and paid postage themselves. I would certainly order from them again.

Entirely positive
I needed some extra bits and pieces in addition to the standard Yakima stuff. The sent it all without a problem. I would definately use them again. Oh, that’s right … I did!

Rack Attack
better service, and they have a huge back catalogue of parts, so if you need a replacement part for your rack over time, they can help you.

Rack Warehouse is excellent.
I like the free shipping.

I’ve used Rack Attack
and thought they were very good too.

They have shipped several racks to
CIA rendition sites, with good reports from some of the users.