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Hello everyone: To the old timers please don't laugh too hard. I am purchasing a 1974 super beetle. I will be carrying 2 touring boats(Elaho's or Scuppers on it) It has rain gutters. I am looking for rack (custom or otherwise) suggestions. Thule and yakima are not showing anything helpfull for this old of an beetle. Pictures of unique racks are welcome. Thank you in advance..kim

I had a '72 Super Beetle. Clementine orange.

I cannot speak for Thule, but the original Yakima Towers (1-A?) will fit very well. These are designed for gutters, and have bomb-proof knob-tightened clamps. The design of the towers allows them to rotate in such a way that the bars adapt to the curved roofline.

Have you tried Yakima’s website? They have a great fit guide. And a great Customer Service department.


raingutter racks
Raingutter racks are pretty straight forward. I would think Yakima and Thule would still carry them.

Oh, nostalgia
You are so lucky! I had a '74 beetle, bright yellow. My all time favorite car. I drove it for 13 years till the engine caught fire and it burned up on the way home from work one day.

We carried two windsurfers and two bicycles on that car with the back seat loaded to the top with camping gear. We had Thule racks. But that was 21 years ago…gosh.

“Quick n easy” racks
$69 at NRS


Far Out Man !
I don’t think kayaking was invented back when the 1974 bug came out ! LOL ! Let us know what racks you end up with , having that rounded roof it will be interesting to see what fits it .


I called Thule per your suggestion. The offical statment is “we dont have anything to fit that year”.the unofficial version is that the A-1 highrise might work. I plan on checking the ones on my jeep I think they are the high rise if that is the case I will test them out on the beetle. thank you for the input.

That is a great looking product thank you for the link. I called NRS , they said it would not fit and refered me back to the A-1 Hightower. Thank you for your effort…

Rack fun
Plan A is to try the A-1, if that doesnt work and Yakima doesnt have anything then I will be looking at a customer weld job …The plus to it is I have a local welder with ideas and willing to take it on…I will keep you updated and post some pics when the boats are on. Of Note,I am not painting the bug this year due to the neccesity to buy another kayak.

Huh? Quick Easys should fit
the WV Beetle gutters. The person at NRS might have thought that the old design was the same as the new (which will shed a set of Q&Es like a drop of water).

Spring Creek Outfitters (www.CanoeGear.com) sells Q&E bracket sets + bars for $102.00 in 66" size. Now that would be a fitting retro application! In 1974 Q&Es were pretty much the ONLY rack system available.


A bit concerned
I owned a '64 beetle. That car was a handful in the wind without anything on top of the car. I don’t know what improvements were made with your model year - but I would be cautious about taking it on the freeway in winds with two kayaks on top.

As soon as I get off work I iwll call them, ty.

thank you for your concern. I assure you this is not the first time I have transported boats. On thoose trips that that will be more strenous I of course will make the appropriate adjustments.

Beetle vs Super Beetle
The Super Beetle had more HP, and McPherson struts on the front. I don’t recall any REALLY bad behaviors, but then again it was my first new vehicle and I was smitten.


Info: I called after work. Avery lovely lady spent alot of time visiting with me on the phone, she offered full refund in the event that this system does not fit. I will be ordering these as soon as I get my beetle. Thank you

My parents has
2 beetles, a ‘70 bug (57 H.P.) and a ‘71 SuperBeetle(60 horse). Weekends found us in the superbeetle, mom,dad, 3 kids, 18’ boat trailer with an 11’ sloop getting towed behind. Seemed to handle fine. Took that bug offroading (no license no permission) quite a bit, and pulled a lot of rocks out of what seemed to be a pretty beefy suspension.