Racks for a F250

My old boss just bought a Solo Plus. he owns a New FOrd f250, king cab. He is looking for a better way to move his Canoe then just shoving it in the back of the pick up truck( he is afraid of some one hitting the boat)What does he need? I suggested that he just drill through the roof and put on 2x4s. He didn’t like that idea What type of yakima thingy does he need? No rain gutters on the new Fords F250…

Look to the left side of this site under Buyers Guide and see if you can find something under Accessories

Goalpost + 1 Q-tower
What about a Yakima Goalpost in the receiver and just one Yakima Q-tower over the cab? Q’s lock onto the door jamb rather than a rain gutter. Frankly, he’s got tons of options with a kig cab pickup. What does he want to spend and how “spiffy” does he want it to look?


or get a
Headache rack, a rack to protect the rear window from cargo sliding forward. Coupled w/ a removable goalpost in the hitch and it could work good.

nice rack
aren’t their any stake holes in the bad word (ford)? i have a dodge dakota & no stake holes. i got half a rack for the cab & for the box i got 2 pieces of rectangular steel 2x4 and a couple of flat steel welded them together, drilled a couple of holes and mounted it in the back of bow. steel cost about maybe 15. dollars & than a couple of 2x4’s to slide into the rectangular steel. done. can’t get much cheaper.

or home depot …
for 4 bills and get an aluminum T- RAC the cheaper version of trac-rac and with a 600# cap. he can haul your boat and a few others back to the put in with no hassel+ he can throw concrete shutes and lumber up there too

truck rack
Yakima has an option that goes over the bed like the T-Rac, except it uses standard Yakima bars so all accessories fix it.


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Ultimate Truck Rack
I have this rack on my F150. Awesome rack!


He could make his own…
If he welds or know someone who does, he could make his own. I did for $28.00 in tubular steel, $10.00 in paint, and $10.00 in nuts, bolts and pipe insulation. It fits in the back of the truck, held in with rachet straps, and it is removable. I use it to store my canoe on when not using it. Works well, carried a Souris River Quetico 18.5 from Minnesota to Arkansas with no problems.

Best pu racks
One-sided ladder racks (look like inverted Ls). They’re not gouge-priced like “sports racks” and are the easiest thing in the word to load and unload (lay the boat in the bed, push down on the stern till you get the bow on the front rack, lift the stern onto the rear rack).

Yakima Dry Dock?
I had a Dry Dock on my Ranger. Y shaped and fits in a 2" hitch receiver. I didn’t like it for my short kayak but think it would work well for a canoe. Use a standard Yakima gutterless mount for the cab end. The gutterless adapter clips for the towers are vehicle specific for about $25 a pair. Mine is for sale if he is interested. (I bought a new truck and a Thule Xsporter)

tygartriver racks
Have heard many good things about these custom racks on boatertalk.com( http://www.tygartriver.com/ )

If you go yakima, look at the outdoorsman if you don’t have a bed cover or cap/camper to worry about.


nice thing about the Dry Dock
is that you can use it with a tonneau or cap on the bed.

truck racks
I added a Yakima rack on the cap by mounting Yakima clips on the side of the cap and using the Tower mounts. I use the Q Towers for the cab. The Q towers can be moved so that I can use it for my 15ft or 18ft canoe. Works great and looks good.

on a cap?
If he has or want a cap, this is what I did for mine.