Racks for Ford Expedition

Hi All,

I’ve got an '02 Ford Expedition and Yakima racks with Hully Rollers and Mako Saddles. The Yakima towers mount in the factory rack rails. Those rails don’t go all the way to the front of the cab, but instead stop about 2 - 3 feet short. So the spread between the front and back is only about 5 feet. I would like to find something that would extend the front crossbar so it’s farther forward, almost even with the windshield. That would give a wider spread and better support for my two 17 foot Perception Eclipses.

Does anyone know of a solution, or a good reason to not do this?

Thanks in advance for all advice and suggestions.


Check for a bar and supports that will
mount between your doors like a car without a rack. I used that setup on my Pick-up truck.

5’ is fine

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I drive a Saturn Vue and carry an 18'fiberglass boat and 17' wooden kayak on it. Spread between the bars is a bit less than 4'. Have driven over 1800 miles with two yaks on the car with no mishap.

I've got hulley rollers on the back and saddles up front.

If you're still worried, stick the boats inside the expedition.


And Expedition has to be almost 17 ft
long from the tail to the front windshield, carry them inside, make the passengers lie down. Seriously, 5ft should be enough support for the kayaks.

Thanks all
Thanks everyone for the replies and jokes. I guess I’m OK then with what I have.

Appreciate it.


One solution
If you don’t mind drilling the roof you could mount some landing pads (Yakima) near the front of the cab. I did that on an F-150 I used to own. I’m a big fan of “permanent” racks - they’re so much more solid than the goofy products that try to clip to invisible rain gutters (often plastic at that) inside the doors.

Anyways, the landing pads or the Yakima rails (similar to the rails already on your truck) are about the only way to go. I understand why you’d want to do this too - you’ll have a more stable rack and you’ll move the boats further forward on the truck so they don’t stick off the back so far. If you carry them a lot (like I do), it makes good sense.