Radison Canoe Repair

Hello, Im new here. I was refered by Toesnorth over at Backpacker Forum. We have an old (84) Radison 14’.

Some of the origional seam calking had cracked and was loose, so chipped it off nad used waterproof silicone sealant. It had cured over a year, and well it isnt waterproof and we had some seepage tonight. We had not used the canoe at all last year. The canoe didnt leak before I replaced the loose original hard calking. I guess I shouldnt have done that. What product will give us a flexable WATERPROOF seal at the keel and seams???

Thanks for your help.

Sometimes, silicone sealant can make
it hard for other sealants to adhere. Or, so goes the suburban legend.

There’s a white Dupont sealant that comes in caulk tubes. I don’t know the number, but someone else will. I used it as a gap-filling glue for foam panels, and it held and remained flexible.

If you come into a small inheritance, you might think of a longer, narrower, better designed canoe.