Rail system for Ford Focus

Does anyone make a good roof rail system for a ford focus? I have a decent system with crossbars that ratchet down to the roof and ore held under tension by the door sill hook and and it’s ratchet system.

However I would rather have something like a mounted rail on the roof. which it looks like the focus might have the option for as the plastic piece over the drip rail looks to be removable. and it may well have an attachment point. I say this because the Focus and the Mazda 3 are essentially the same car and I have seen a mounted rail (factory looking) for the Mazada 3.

What year is the Focus? You can go through the rack fitting guide on both Yakima.com and Thule.com and see what they suggest. Generally those will show a mounting point option if it exists for the vehicle.

2014 focus. the Yakima site and Thule both have essentially the same type of crossrails for the focus as what I already have.