RAIN! And more rain

Flow amidst the redbuds
What springs upon this spring to rise these springs?
Huron earth season’s it’s dearth.
Mighty rainbird descends with massive wings.

On the St Joseph today. I’ve always enjoyed paddling among trees that are normally on land. Some interesting currents flowing around obstacles in the river. Good exercise going upstream.

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After 2 beautiful days, the monsoon is back and is predicted to be for the next 10 days.

I had just made the above comment when a massive cloud burst hit. For the second time in 33 years , we had water in 3 downstairs rooms.
After an hour of soaking it up , it’s gone.
The rooms all have composite floors, so not too much damage.

No rain here in the north woods today, just fog. First photo taken at my launch site; second on the trip home.


Beautiful Please send me some of that rain.

I always loved “Fogust” in the PNW. People there complained about it, but it muffled sounds and made the surroundings feel isolated. After the typical dry, sunny summer, Fogust came as a relief, and it didn’t last all day.

That low mounded cloud type would form on one end of an island while the leeward end was sunny.

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Well…it came. A nice 1.3 inches each of two days. Rain forecasted for the next four days. Grass growing. Oh right and the mildew on the side of the mower shed. …wonderful. (sarcasm intended)

See you have tropical storm off the coast…
That won’t help much.
Good luck…

Just what we need! We’re supposed to see the sun on Sunday.

Wanna trade? Northern Michigan has set records for the past few days, with temps reaching 90F in some spots. Was 86F here at home. Accompanied by nasty high humidity and pop-up T-storms.

Being Michigan, things will change fast as the NWS just issued frost warnings for the weekend. :crazy_face:

NASCAR Cancelled a race in Charlotte because of the rain from the storm…

It’s predicted to move away from us but Charlotte is close.