Rain coat for kayaking?


I’m looking for a very basic rain coat for kayaking. Any suggestions on a specific one?



If you keep it at hand, the storm cag (cagoule) is especially useful, fitting over the skirt of a typical sea kayak i.e. no need to extricate yourself from the skirt, pfd, etc. Unfortunately, it is not especially cheap unless you make your own.

The amount of water that is involved in kayaking is likely to wear out the waterproof coating of a regular walking-around cheap rain jacket faster than its usual purpose. So think about how basic you want to get - a garment intended for paddling will last more than one season. The above alternative probably will not. Based on experience, that’s what we started with.

Do you paddle a canoe, a SOT or a sit inside? It can matter in terms of what style will work best. Nothing like wrangling with a tight or poorly adapted garment when you are in the confined space of a paddle boat.

You need a paddle jacket or a splash jacket.

I’ve used a basic, sub-$100, NRS splash jacket for 3 years now and it still looks like new. The fabric is waterproof and breathable and the wrist and neck seals work well.

They have several models on close-out at the moment…


Thanks all. I paddle a sit-in kayak with a skirt. I will check out the web site provided by kfbrady.

Two of the best pieces of paddling gear I ever bought:

A paddling jackets by NRS, and a second one by Immersion Research.
Both are quality pieces of gear that I’ve used for years. Still using both.
Cost was more than the 100 dollars you mentioned…
Typically, high quality gear (most often more costly) will pay for itself over time; especially when the driving rain rolls in on you unexpectly.

Rain coats I typically use in camp, but I will use them while paddling on occasion. I love having a bood available but they create some vision issues. Another problem I have with rain jackets is they have a lot of floppy material around the hips and arms that sometime interfere with paddling. Or when having an “out of boat” experience.

Try em for fit before you buy em.s

“I paddle canoes; therefore I am”.


Thanks Bob. I will check them out.

Just bought and received a splash jacket from NRS, which fits my needs perfectly. Thanks a lot.

I have a REI splash jacket. It has zippers under the arms to open it up for ventilation on warm days. I’m in Florida. The hood is detachable. The cuffs have velco closure straps. The hem has an adjustable waist with snap closure. I’ve used it in Wyoming summer and all year in Florida/Georgia/ South Carolina. Leave room in sizing for underlayment. I think it is Goretex. Been using it for four years. Also makes a great hiking jacket. For camp wear I have rain pants.

Remember skirt first then jacket on outside of skirt. Other way around a cold rivlet of water goes down the back side…always.

Thanks Overstreet.