Rain-ex your Kayak Compass

Here’s another tip that I recently discovered. I went on a multi-day kayak trip lately that involved some long open water crossings requiring a lot of compass use. Maybe my eyes are getting bad, but I found it really hard to read my compass on this trip through the beaded water on the compass globe. After this trip I tried coating my compass globe with Rain-ex and it helped a lot, making it much easier to read the compass on the water. In the future I will always coat my compass globe with some rain-ex prior to a trip requiring its use.


camera lenses also

I wonder if it would help on eye glasses?

Eye glasses fogging up is a real problem on hot days.

I recommend that you research online before you put Rain-X on expensive camera lenses, etc. I looked into this once and decided to pass. It’s a bit controversial. Some say it works, some say it can damage anti-glare coatings, etc.

Depending on your gear, it might not be necessary. My latest eyeglasses have Crizal non-glare lenses, and they also help to prevent water spots, I can just blow water drops off the lenses. The same goes for my Olympus Tough camera – the lens has a coating to prevent water droplets from forming.

@Steveey said:
I wonder if it would help on eye glasses?

I tried diver anti fog stuff with very limited success. Thank God glasses are now gone.