Rain Gutters?

Has anyone ever had rain gutters put on their car? I’ve seen some kind of kit out there and am wondering about the integrity of it. It sure would simplifiy my paddling life to have some of those instead of these expensive and fancy rack systems that are out there now. I still have my ol’ set of clip on racks or whatever they were called and sure miss them.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Thule & Yakima
each (and I’m sure many others brands also) have false rain gutters thast you drill and bolt to your vehicle. I’ve put them on all my truck toppers over the years. Never had a problem.

Don’t, but have looked and asked

several paddlers and commercial users that have them. They all thought the bolt on “rain gutter” adapters were great. Not one had any complaints.

The problem is the ones I have seen need to be mounted through the roof which permanently damages the vehicle. If they were not mounted securely through the roof, glued or something, I doubt I would trust them. Therefore I consider the rain gutter adapter mounts for older vehicles only where they will not do much to lower the resale values.

Sorry this is not a direct answer to your question, but hope it does help.



Why not just get an old car?
just kidding http://www.rei.com/product/1309.htm

but at 50 bucks I would make my own.

Here are some better prices.




Thanks All
I kept looking online about these and decided to bite the bullet and go with yakimas or something. Just don’t like the idea of adding on something that’s not build onto the design of the car. Boy, I sure miss rain gutters!! :frowning:


Wow…it’s like I just went back 5 decade
Like NT mentioned…decades back ALL cars (and light trucks) had rain gutters.

Given the smooth flow lines of todays vehicles roof lines, I’d be interested in seeing what is ot there that actually works.

Rain Gutter Hold Out
No problem Doug. Just get a good full size van. Lots of room for everything AND RAIN GUTTERS! Yards of rain gutters …



1990 Ford Escort
Was one of the last cars with rain gutters that I know of.

Not since aerodynamics
Rain gutters and wing windows have been the victims of MPG, and car makers saving a buck. Thule makes towers that clamp around the top door jam of some vehicles. They work ok. Check your local rack dealer for fit matches. I have an old set that fit an Isuzu Trooper (99) if anyone is interested in making a deal.


Don’t some Volvos still have gutters?

Disco’s do
Up to 2005 Land Rover Discoveries had them.