rain lashing face

don’t mind paddling in the rain, but hate going right into a slanting rain and getting pelted in the face, which is remarkably, more common than you might think, in these parts anyways. my rain hat is great, but the brim blows up in wind over 10k. is a long brimmed helmet the solution (sigh, another hundred bucks…)? anyone thoughts, or solutions you guys like?

Long brims can get blown back, or
down over your eyes.

I’ve been thinking about the same thing
Late last night I was paddling in a hard rain, but it wasn’t quite the fully horizontal type, so while my face got wet, it didn’t get pelted as it does sometimes. Since I’m too stupid to simply get off the water, I’ve decided that I’ll just have to put up with the occasional hard rain pelting. Unless you want to wear something like a motorcycle helmet with a full face visor, you may just have to put up with a bit of pressure washing.

One time I did have to draw the line on even my level of stupidity…horizontal hail pelting my face! I did wear my surf helmet, and while that helped the top and sides of my head (was very noisy though), my face still took quite a beating. Ouch! :-/


my solution
For us it only rains in winter so it works for me to use my fuzzy rubber skull cap (with side/chin parts) OVER my ball cap. So I have the larger bill of the cap and the skull cap keeps me dryer and keeps the hat secure. Might be too warm for summer rains.

Face mask
I have one that I use to run in the rain. I’ll wear it when I go kayaking in the colder weather.

My freebie baseball type hats work…
as good as anything.

Keep it low in front during a driving slanting rain



What kind of face mask?
My Dick Cheney Halloween mask is too scary (whales would no longer come close to my boat!), so what kind of face mask are you using?


Holy Crap…
nobody’s told ya about Tilleys? I’d never wear one, but…

Hooded Rain Jacket…
I replaced the draw string in the hood of my paddling jacket with insulated solid strand copper wire…it can be used to help form the hood opening to protect the sides of my head, as well as hold down the brim of my ball cap…I already wear glasses so that helps with the eyes… add a Balaclava when I have to…that helps as well…