rain on the Suwannee river

I've not been paddling on the Suwannee River before, but am planning a 4 day trip end of March or sometime in the first 2 weeks of April. I was told there are lots of heavy rains in early Spring. Spring begins Mar. 20. I'd like to hear from those who have paddled during early Spring ... need to know if what I was told is in fact the true scenario. Also, what does early Spring mean ... from 3/20 to what??? Any info would be of great help since I don't wish to chance getting stuck in heavy storms. Thanks much.

rain on the Suwannee river addendum

Forgot to mention in the post I just sent: The area of the Suwannee River I plan on doing would be around High Springs in Florida. Thank you.

USGS water levels
Here is the Florida page. Scroll down to the SUWANNEE RIVER BASIN and pick the nearest place to where you want to paddle.


Heavy rains can really raise the water level on the Upper Suwannee River in a short period of time. The river flows very fast and there are not many camping spots during the flood stage.

I have paddled the stretch from Fargo Ga to White Springs many times and to me that is the best part of the Suwannee River for pictures and camping. If you will be around High Springs area I would recommend going from Big Shoals to White Springs. Here is a good website for Suwanne River information.


I have a place outside of High Springs and the Suwannee is a good distance from there. The Santa Fe is in High Springs and a nicer paddle in my opinion.

But as far as the Suwannee, I have done the 7 day trip ( 123 mi.) with Paddle Florida in March and the river was coming off flood stage. We put in at the Suwannee River Music Park and it was fun, but the father down the river you got, the tougher the paddle since the river gets wider.

Headed down
this weekend (3/28) to paddle the Suwannee - backshortly.com - water level at 51+ feet White Springs (borderline) - just saw your message, email if interested in joining up -