Rain Suits

I am interested in getting a light weight rain suit that folds up fairly compactly for packing for canoe camping and/or backpacking. I was originally very interested in Frog Togs as they seem to be what I want and are relatively inexpensive. But in reading reviews their durability comes into question. I have read a lot of complaints that they tear easily or seams separate. What other rain suits are available that are light weight and packable and don’t cost a fortune and also will hold up to reasonable use.

Not sure if this fits your needs, but REI has a few of their men’s hardware pants on a decent sale right now. Including a pair of GoreTex Packlight pants. Just saw it online.

Jacket probably going to be easier to find so if you don’t mind not matching…

I just looked at the Frog Togs outfit and it is cheaper than the REI pants even on sale. That said, I have been thru the lesser waterproof stuff and finally got tired of it because it didn’t stay that way very long. I will get it now if I can find an item at a super cheap price, like 50% off and something easily replaced like a light jacket. But for something that really needs to last I won’t go less than GoreTex,

Frog Togs have been discussed for canoe tripping over on myccr.com. for many years. Seems they have never gotten better.