Rain, warm days, and bike shuttles…

So far this winter has been pretty good for paddling in southern New England – lots of rain and not particularly cold. If it wasn’t for COVID, things would be perfect.

With the MLK holiday this weekend I wanted to get out to paddle at least one day. I sent an email to Paul, and he suggested the Crystal section of the Farmington River. It’s been a couple of years since I had paddled there and it would be another opportunity to get my whitewater boat out, so it sounded good to me.

Back in the day I took many trips out to Crystal to paddle with Daggermat. For me its a long drive, and since Daggermat has moved on to other interests, I have been out there less frequently. In these days of COVID, though, Crystal is a great alternative due to the easy 3-mile bike shuttle on the Farmington River Trail that runs along side.

The run is a series of class I/II rapids that start off easy and get more difficult as you move downstream. The first major rapid is the site of the Punch Brook Slalom. From there, the rapids continue as a series of rock gardens and ledges. Paul and I surfed and ferried down through the rapids. The largest rapid is the ledge above the Route 4 Bridge that we ran to the right. Fun day!

Paul running the Route 4 Ledge

Few more pictures here:


You’re nuts, but it looks like fun.

I won’t even go in a pool until it is near 80

Water temps are already down to the mid-30s, but with no ice, a couple of inches of rain and air temps in the mid-40s it seems like summer in the northeast - at least my part of the northeast.

We have had a mild winter so far, no question there

Dang, I’m almost missing it. Looks like you had a good level. I did check levels when we got the snow melt, and ever the Shep was ripping. Saw 2700+ on the unionville gage.
Yeah, on to other things all right. Cleaning 10 rooms, 2 sheds and 25 years of accumulation. Might be swapping a canoe or 2 for some house projects starting friday. House going on market soon, and headed most likely to Tennessee, decided to retire early. Aaron is down there, bought a 4 bed, 3 bath place and pays1/4 the property tax, so I figured it’s time to act. If you hear from Duke Wavewalker let him know that I will be setting up my own range…and that there’s 1000 yards at what will be the local public place.

Good for you Mat - at least a couple more years for me for retirement. Working at home is OK. We should get out at least one more time before you head south. I’d say a Riverton run, but the shuttle would be a problem.

Anyway, glad all it well.

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actually, a pretty decent bike ride, though realizing some of us are more into bicycling than others wink wink.