What would this do if applied to your outside hull?

Go With The “Standard”

– Last Updated: Jul-07-04 5:25 AM EST –

303 protectant which restores some shine and offers UV protection for hull.

Okay, did a check. It seems RainX now offers a "marine" version wax that offers UV protection. But, the rest of the line remains cleaning/waxing agents.

(who actually doesn't bother with applying anything.)

I quit

– Last Updated: Jul-07-04 10:31 AM EST –

I quit applying 303. Everything I read said it was not water soluble. Last summer I treated my Mohawk Odyssey, left it sit in the sun for several hours, then wiped off the excess and placed the canoe on top of my van.

That evening a strong storm came through. In the morning I could see trails of oily residue had dripped onto the windshield and rear windows.

If 303 will slide off onto my car it will also get into the water. I don't need to add to pollution just to feel good about the condition of my canoes.

I didn’t realize it was a type of wax. I thought it had something to do with surface tension. (but I supose wax does)

rainx on glasses

– Last Updated: Jul-07-04 12:19 PM EST –

Reading a tip from canoe "guru" Cliff Jacobson I once applied Rainx to my glasses prior to a rainy day paddle. The stuff did cause the water to bead up and run off.

The problem was I had an allergic reaction and my eyes started itching, weeping and almost swelled shut!

Caveat Clifficus Jacobsonitus

LOL yea that would suck. I think I’d find something made for glasses or maybe just put them on the outside.

Does antifog stuff like cat crap do anything to water or just prevent fog?