Rainy River Michigan?

Wondering if anyone is familiar with this river?

I have not seen it mentioned in any of the books I have picked up nor do any searches find anything but

I talked to someone (that I don’t know at all and that weren’t kayakers) and they said it was kayakable.


It looks very small, both on the
topographical maps, and on the aerial photos. This is not to say that paddlers can’t do it— I have done some ridiculously tiny creeks— but I suggest that you don’t plan to put on until you have at least bridge-scouted the “river.”

One way to get an idea of the size of a stream is to go to terraserver and compare the width and size of meanders on the stream with the size of roads on the aerial photos. That’s what I base my surmise that the Rainy “River” is pretty small. I have run some small Michigan rivers (Galien and Platte) that look a good deal larger on topos and aerial photos.

Hope you find some sections that you can run.

Another factor is whether an outfitter
is operating on the river. Another MI river, the Crystal, is very small, but the outfitter keeps is free of snags.

Fishermen had been keeping the Galien free of snags back in the early 80s when I ran it from the park to the lake, but recent storms have filled it with wood, so that I was unable to run it again in 2004.

It does seem
that most books review the major more well known rivers and those do have liveries.

The Rainy I think flows out of Black Lake so maybe I’ll find some nearby outfitters and call and ask.

I was looking at what flowed INTO
Black Lake. I think what flows out might be renamed.

Actually I’m not sure it was Black Lake because Google Earth did not name it. I should have checked terraserver which has the topos. But Rainy River flows into the SE side of a large lake where there are some “beaches” named. Then a watercourse leaves the lake on the NNW corner.

I located Rainy River on Google by using their location search function, and they took me south of that big lake.