Raised Seat On A Smaller Kayak

I have a small 8ft kayak that I use for fishing on a river and I have been using the original seat (back rest and butt pad) resting on the bottom of the kayak. I was thinking of purchasing a raised seat for comfort but I was wondering if I would be risking stability due the smaller length of the kayak. Has anyone used a raised seat in a small kayak? Appreciate any thoughts.

Raising a seat will raise your center of gravity. I had a canoe with the seat level with the gunnels and it was spooky. I had the seat lowered 2" and had no more issues.
Point being, a small change can make a big difference.
Much of my weight is in my upper body . Think pendulum.
If your weight is more in your lower body , not as much of an issue.

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Yes, raising the seat would risk changing the stability of the kayak. Somewhat related to the length of the kayak, but more related to the width and hull shape from side to side.

Absolutely! My canoe was a narrow hulled solo .

It would be good if we knew what kayak you have and the type sit on top or sit inside.

Around here most guys fishing want a higher seat position and more back support and they raise the seat and then add outriggers or pontoons DIY style.
If you google that you will find a lot of pictures of what they build out of PVC and pool noodles or crab pot floats. A lot of them make them to be removable to make transport easier. I see guys with them on standing and fishing even.

I am not sure of the make but it is a sit on top. Never thought of outriggers but wondering about catching/snagging when reeling in. Thanks for the replies. Might just be what I need to make the jump to a more comfortable larger kayak, if I can convince the better half.

Length and Width? Photo?

To get an idea of any loss of stability, could you just sit on a pad?

There are a 1000 different DIY ideas on this here is one.

Most people raise the seat and then just add the stabilizers like training wheels on a bike and put them behind them to not get in the way.

EASY Homemade Kayak Outriggers (Pontoons - Stabilizers -DIY) - YouTube

thanks for the help and ideas. Iā€™m sort of new to paddling and wanted to get an opinion and where to start

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If it were me I would like the option of two seat heights and the ability to remove any outriggers I built. Set it up one way for fishing and another for regular paddling

When fishing you might be dealing with an anchor and fishing gear and a cooler etc. the last thing you want is to capsize and be fishing your gear out. Then having a higher viewpoint is a plus looking into the water. Casting is easier sitting higher as well.

You wont know for sure what the stability will be like until you try the higher seat height and as someone mentioned you could simulate that by sitting on a couple pads or something about as high as you think a new seat would be. I rigged my canoe with a stadium seat back from Walmart. It is very comfortable. I cut the junk off the bottom that clamps to a bleacher seat and adapted it to the boat.