Raleigh NC area

I will be visiting my father in the next three weeks up in Cary/Raleigh. I plan to bring my tempest 170 up with me and was wondering what would be the best places to do day trips and half day trips in that area.

I am going to try and talk my brother into going with me in either a rented tsunami or even my rec boat which I will also bring up.

Any sugestions would be appreciated.


Check out Falls Lake
There is even one section of it were power boats are prohibited.



paddling in central NC
There is a large group of kayakers in that area who paddle regularly from Jordan Lake in the chatham county area. They are not a formal club but a yahoo group called mudflat rangers.

They do regular 6-8 mile Wed evening fitness (faster paced) paddles, longer slower Fri night paddles (15 miles), have started Saturday 10AM recreational paddles. And other members often post paddles of varying lengths and speeds.

You might want to check them out, and send them an email to see what’s happening.

Other popular spots are Falls Lake, Get:Outdoors rents kayaks right on Falls Lake.


beaverdam rec area off NC-50
is a powerboat free part of Falls. about 15m N of Ral. Only a couple-three hours paddling available in that section though.

Also Jordan (West) and Harris Lake (South) of Raleigh are very nice. All water in this area is low right now though.


Lake Jordan
Big lake and I’ve seen bald eagles on it every time I’ve been.


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We are actually trying to move up there. The real down side would be not being able to get to the beach on a moments notice and I would really miss that. But the environment is great and I am sure that Jordan, and Falls Lake and others will keep me occupied for some time. We are looking at Holly Springs or Apex so Jordan would be pretty close.
Anyone paddled the Shearon Harris Reservoir?
Besides, two hours or so to the beach isn't bad I guess.

bet the water is cold up there....brrrrrrrrrrrr


The water is fine right now, but in the winter…

You Are Right
it is only a couple hours drive to the beach from Raleigh. If you want to make the drive I could likely be talked into taking a day off work and show you the Wrightsville Beach area or the Topsail Beach area.

Happy Paddling,


Triangle Area
Check out my site: http://www.thehemps.com/

cold water practice
Aside from the obvious need to completely change my wardrobe in Raleigh going out in the boat, where do you all practice skills such as rolling in the dead of winter? Is there a Y or other establishment where you can bring your boats and spend time practicing? Or do I have to just grow a set and take the plunge…shudder…


Cold Water Practice
The Optimist Pool in Raleigh is covered and heated and holds Wednesday night roll practice starting around November through February or March. I think it costs around $6.00 or so.

RDU area paddling club is

Stay safe on the water,

NC Cal