Ralph Bice Lake, Algonquin

The kids and I made it out for our spring fishing trip to Algonquin back in May. We went Mother’s Day weekend this year, which is later than usual for us. The fishing was a bit slow but the fish we caught were all a nice size. The weather started out very summer like and wandered through all 4 seasons before settling on mid-winter by Sunday.


Peter got pretty cold in the rain on the Friday but a portage and some dry clothes back at camp got him warmed up. In the end it all worked out, but I did think about heading home Saturday if the weather hadn’t improved or (more importantly) if the kids were getting too cold. I wasn’t quite as rigorous about making sure they had enough gloves & hats this year but in the end I had enough spares in my own pack to get us through.

Day 1 Video
I’m not quite done the Christmas shopping but I did find a bit of time to start editing the videos from this trip. Here is the link for the first day which took us from the put in on Magnetawan Lake through Hambone Lake to Ralph Bice Lake:


Day 2 Video
The day started out alright, but the weather got quite nasty. We prepare pretty well for cold wet spring weather, but this would have been a better day to just stay in camp.


Day 3 Video
In case anyone else is starting to think about spring canoe trips.


Day 4 Video
… and here’s Day 4 to finish it off. Full on winter by the time we were back to the put in on the this day which made for a 4 season swing in just 4 days.